Join And Renew Your Membership​

  • Individual
  • Household for two residents
  • Block Membership are for residents that live at the addresses below.

KCRA has arrangements with the Managing Agents of these Blocks to pay the membership subscription.

Residents of these Blocks still need to join the KCRA as privacy laws precludes the Managing Agents passing Block resident details to the KCRA.

Cornwall Mansions

Kensington Court Gardens

Palace Place Mansions

Durward House

Kensington Court Mansions

Roxburghe Mansions

Esmond Court

Kensington & Kent Houses

St Albans Mansions

The KCRA uses the MemberMojo database system to hold membership data.  As the KCRA now depends on electronic information distribution the email address is the key to each Member’s details.  Some data we require is mandatory.

We ask new Members to enter their details into MemberMojo by clicking on the Join link below.  After the details are entered MemberMojo has a Checkout section which offers online (credit card) and offline (bank transfer) subscription options.  Offline payments will be confirmed on receipt.  Membership will be confirmed by email.

 Once a Member you can access and edit your MemberMojo details using your email address as username.

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You will automatically receive an email notification from MemberMojo when your membership subscription needs to be renewed.  This is March each year, the email will contain a simple link to renew.  Block members will be renewed automatically, if you change address please notify us.

Renewals will be confirmed by email.

GDPR & Data Protection

By joining or renewing your membership of KCRA you expressly agree that the personal details provided by you will be stored electronically in the cloud for the purposes of administering your membership and communicating with you on local matters.  These details will be accessible to the key committee members such as the Membership Secretary and Treasurer.  Your details will not be passed to any third parties.  In normal circumstances your data will be retained for 24 months after the end of the last year in which you were a member.  If you wish to delete your data earlier than that you may log into your account to do so or you may contact the Membership Secretary to request deletion.